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<li>Approximately 30% of tennis players in the NCAA are non-US</li>
<li>The average scholarship amount at NCAA I universities is around 15,000 US dollars, with <em>i</em><em>nternational students</em> often receiving higher offers</li>

Tennis professional

  • John Isner played for theUniversity of Georgia for 4 years before he played his first game as a professional – he was among the top 10 of the ATP world rankings and made 12 million US dollars in prize money to date

How many universities are there?

Women's tennis




Men's tennis




What does a year in college look like?

August - December

The fall semester starts at the beginning of August, but the season does not start until the beginning of January. Autumn consists mainly of tough training sessions and exhibition games.

December - January

The Christmas holidays are from mid-December to mid-January. It is therefore possible to come home and spend cozy days with family and friends.

January - May

The season that you have worked hard for will start in mid-January. However, it will be played until the end of May. At most universities, schools will end at the beginning of May and the summer vacation will start. Therefore, in May you will have the opportunity to concentrate purely on the sport before you can start your journey home after the season.

May - August

The summer holidays start at most universities in early May and last until early August. So you have 3 months off and can spend enough time with your loved ones in Austria.

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