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Study in the USA with a sports scholarship.


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Study in the USA with a sports scholarship

From Athletes for Athletes

Every Member of our team went through the process of becoming a student athlete. That said, we know exactly the situation you are in.

24/7 available

We are a young dynamic agency that tries to be available 24 hours 7 days a week for our clients.


In the past years we were able to set up a network of over 1.000 Coaches in the United States of America.

Your sport in the US.


College-sport is very popular in the United States and enjoys to some extent even more media attention than professional sports. Due to the popularity of college-sport it is possible that universities can cover all your expenses in form of sport scholarships.

Find out more about the major sports in college.

Students Go West in Numbers.

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We were able to find the right university for 93% of our clients.

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Relative scholarship per athlete

The average scholarship of our athletes covered approx. 98% of the costs.

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Absolute scholarship per athlete

The average scholarship of our athletes amounts up to $130.000,- USD over the span of 4 years.

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Total absolute scholarship

The total amount of scholarships that we could get for our athletes is approx. $1.2 Million USD.

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From the Heart of the Alps to the Land of the Free.

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