Attributes of a winner

1. No More Wiener Schnitzel.

If you can survive without Austrian national dishes, then you already fulfill the first requirement for a great time in the USA.

2. See the big picture

What happens after your career as an athlete? If you have asked yourself this question before, you are way ahead of many active athletes.


You have an overwhelming will to achieve your goals – then you are carved out of the wood we are looking for.

4. openness

If you are open for new things and ready to step out of your own comfort zone you will have a great time in the United States.


Your path to a sports scholarship in the United States.

Since studying in the USA is not a purchase of a sausage roll from the Greisler around the corner, it is important to take enough time to prepare. Ideally, you should plan 12-16 months for the preparations. However, it is also possible to start the process up to 8 months before the planned enrollment in the United States.


16 months

FREE opportunity evaluation

Fill out our free opportunity evaluation without any obligation and you will receive a well-founded analysis of your chances of receiving a sports scholarship within a short period of time.


15 months

Skype Call or Meeting

If your chances of a sports scholarship are positive – we insist on a detailed informational meeting to discuss every detail extensively. After all, transparency and correct information are essential for good cooperation.


14 months

Sign up

In order to get off to an “official start”, we are signing a consulting contract.


14 months

Receive individual login access

Since studying abroad requires a lot of preparation, we have described every process step that has to be completed.


6 months

Sign sports scholarship

The ultimate goal is, of course, to sign a scholarship to realize the dream of studying in the USA.


2 months


Once your scholarship has been signed, you can apply for your visa using the university’s immigration papers.


0 months


9 – 14 hours flight over the pond and you are in the land of unlimited possibilities and ready to live the american dream.

From the Heart of the Alps to the Land of the Free.

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