What is a sports scholarship?

What is a sports scholarship?

Your sports scholarship can exceed the value of a brand new Lamborghini

Due to the extremely high tuition costs in the USA, universities are providing financial support so-called sports scholarships in order to minimize study and living expenses for athletes down to almost $ 0. A scholarship can easily be worth $ 300,000 USD over the entire duration of a Bachelor’s degree or can as mentioned above exceed the value of a brand new Lamborghini.


Your performance finds appreciation.

As mentioned before, a scholarship can bring all costs to a minimum. Depending on the amount of the scholarship, the following costs can generally be covered in full:


Educational costs are the largest financial burden on students in the United States.


Some scholarships even pay for books.

Room & Board

Either the athletes live in the dorms directly on campus or privately in a nearby apartment.

Training Gear

At every university, athletes receive training gear for the whole year.


Cafeterias cook for up to thousands of students


In rare cases, the insurance is also covered by a sports scholarship.


Sports as marketing

The sports equipment of the universities aims to offer the athletes the opportunity to focus entirely on their studies and sports. After all, athletes not only have an important role model effect on kids, but also serve as the flagship of the university in and outside the USA.



media attention

,which is


This brings

new students

and therefore more


that can ultimately be reinvested in new services, training facilities, educational institutions and sports grants.


Study in the US without giving up the dream of professional sports


Enjoy the life of a Pro

Through professional support from trained coaches and modern training methods, university sports offer you an excellent platform for development and performance improvement.


Improve your english skills

With your Bachelor from the USA, you lay the foundation for a successful international career in the business world.


Broaden your horizon

The American university system is particularly characterized by its cultural diversity – this offers you a great foundation to broaden your horizon.

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