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Dear visitor, below you will find our consumer protection information, which regulates your visit and activities on our website www.studentsgowest.com, in the mutual interest. We are happy to assist you with any suggestions. The entire team at Students Go West wishes you much fun on our website

Liability for content & links

In the case of links to other online offers, Students Go West assumes no liability for the content, functionality and availability of the websites. This also applies to all other direct or indirect references or links to external internet offers.


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A link to www.studentsgowest.com or to various sub-pages is permitted for industry-related websites (e.g. schools, universities, clubs, etc.). We request all other website operators to obtain permission.

Legal Notice

Our information obligations for service providers in e-commerce according to ECG and KSchG.


The authors of this website strive to present the information offered here completely and correctly to the best of their knowledge and belief and to keep it up to date. Nevertheless, they cannot accept any liability for damage that may result from the use of the information offered – even if this is due to the use of possibly incomplete or incorrect information. References to external websites are outside the area of ​​responsibility of the author. Liability for the content of linked pages are excluded, especially since the author has no influence on content such as the design of linked pages. The provider of these third-party websites is solely liable for the content of pages to which this homepage refers – but never the one who refers to third-party publications and content by means of a link. If linked pages contain illegal, incorrect, incomplete, insulting or immoral information (in particular due to changes to the content after the link has been set) and if the authors of this page are made aware of such content on linked pages,  they will immediately unlink those pages.


The content of the content of these pages created by the author is protected by copyright. Any use of any content on this website that contradicts the provisions of the Copyright Act – in particular further use, such as publication, reproduction and any form of commercial use, as well as disclosure to third parties – also in part or in a revised form – without the express consent of the author is prohibited. This does not apply to files that are expressly marked for download.

information content

The information on this website can be changed, removed or supplemented without prior notice. The author can therefore give no guarantee for the correctness, completeness or quality and topicality of the information provided.

legal validity

By using this website, the user is subject to the terms of use in question. These are part of the WWW offer. If parts or individual formulations of the conditions of use do not, no longer or do not completely correspond to the applicable legal situation, the remaining parts of the conditions of use remain unaffected in their content and validity.

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