Invest in your Future.

Professionalism, honesty, communication & fun are the foundation of a good cooperation. Our goal is to make your way to the land of unlimited possibilities as easy as possible.

The Time of your life.

Without competent advice, the dream of studying in the United States can quickly turn into a nightmare. Since we have been in your situation as college athletes, we know how to help you in every situation.


Detailed offer.

Phase I.


We’ll look closely to see if you meet the requirements to start the process of  receiving a sports scholarship in the United States


Together we look for the dates for TOEFL, SAT / ACT. In addition, we will tell you exactly when to start registering with NAIA or NCAA. Depending on the test dates, we can also estimate when you can start applying for a visa.


Your recruiting profile consists of:

  • Personal info
  • Academic info
  • Sporting info
  • Videos
  • Pictures


Together with your help, we develop a list of universities that meet your criteria. However, we cannot promise that they will actually offer scholarships.


Your individual login area contains information on absolutely every process step that you have to complete in the course of your project.


We are not a tax consulting firm that closes their doors at 5:00 p.m. You can therefore call or write to us at any time. We will try our best to take care of your inquiry as soon as possible.


As soon as we have received your video material, our IT staff will add the necessary effects and create your highlight tape.


So that you are perfectly prepared for the tests that are necessary to study in the USA – we provide you with the official learning books free of charge.

Phase II.


During our stays in the USA, we were able to build up an extensive network of coaches and athletic directors. It is therefore possible for us to make specific contact with the respective coaches.


After successful marketing, we will forward all relevant inquiries from coaches in the USA to you.


From our own experience, we know what it feels like to have the first conversation with a coach. For this reason, if you want, we will brief you before each conversation to take away any uncertainty.


You may get more than one offer from a university. That is why we go through each offer individually with you.

Phase III.


Enrolling at a university is often very time-consuming and complicated, so of course we are here to help you at every turn.


The visa process is the last major step to make your dream of studying in the United States come real.


Almost every university offers comprehensive health insurance, but we advise you to take a private foreign health insurance to be doubly covered.

Reach out to us!

From the Heart of the Alps to the Land of the Free.

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